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2009-04-17 07:22:07 | 244 views | csharp class method tutorial add range addrange collection

When you add items to a list you can do it either by the Add() method or by the AddRange() method. The AddRange() method let's you add a collection all at once.

This code will show how it works:


namespace TestApp
public class Fplayers
public string Name;
public int Age;
public string Team;

public Fplayers(string name, int age, string team)
this.Name = name;
this.Age = age;
this.Team = team;


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace TestApp
class Program
public static void Main(string[] args)
//Create the list
List<Fplayers> BestPlayers = new List<Fplayers>();

//Create three Fplayer objects
Fplayers player1 = new Fplayers("Zlatan Ibrahimovic", 27, "Inter");
Fplayers player2 = new Fplayers("Olof Mellberg", 31, "Juventus");
Fplayers player3 = new Fplayers("Marcus Rosenberg", 26, "Werder Bremen");

//Create an array and add the three Fplayer objects
Fplayers[] FplRange = new Fplayers[]{player1, player2, player3};

//Add the array to the list with the AddRange() method

//Output the result
Console.WriteLine("Great fooball players:\n\n");
BestPlayers.ForEach(delegate(Fplayers fpl)
Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}\nAge: {1}\nTeam: {2}\n", fpl.Name, fpl.Age, fpl.Team);

The output will look like this:


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