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Mysql 5: Safety handling

Secure datahandling with SQL

2009-04-16 18:08:30 | 295 views | transaction safe safety working tables acid a.c.i.d. sql server mysql atomicity consistency isolation durability start transaction commit backup

Binary subtraction

How to work with binary subtraction

2009-05-13 13:40:04 | 2765 views | binary binaries subtraction work overflow first second 1st 2nd complement calculation two's complement circle

Binary multiplication and division

How to work with binary multiplication or division

2009-05-17 15:37:02 | 1369 views | binary binaries multi multiplication division work decimal

Network connection part 2: Read from the server

How to read from a file on a server

2009-07-20 13:22:54 | 345 views | java network server netbeans tomcat