About MorkaLork

What's the point of the site?


MorkaLork started out back in March of 2008 when I was studying and in need of a website to try out my improving developing skills. As it were, I had no name for such a "test" web site and so I just blurted out whatever an orcish och gollumesque creature would say in such a situation, and all of a sudden I hade registered MorkaLork.com!

MorkaLork was originally a horridly orange place with a few tests and demos available. I then figured out that the best way for me to learn how to develop was to explain everything I learned in article form. This way of learning had two advantages; I had to understand what I was writing about and I could go back later and read up on stuff I'd forgotten.

Anyway, there is the history behind MorkaLork. This is the third or fourth "regeneration" of MorkaLork in the sense that I've grown tired of the old design (and in some way content) and decided to renew it.



I was never a linguist and my attempts to learn Spanish in school was a disaster (6 years and all I can utter is "Hola" and "Pez", the latter actually having nothing at all to do with candy). As it turns out, brain-people claim that the left side of the brain handles stuff like logic, critical thinking, numbers and reasoning. They, however, also claim that the left part handles languages. I could never quite understand that until I could combine the first 4 abilities with the language-part through programming!

PHP, JavaScript and C# are all programming languages that makes sense and HTML and XML are markup languages that have strict rules. Happy days! Now, you might argue that most of the languages I've just listed makes absolutely no sense and that JavaScript is the programmatic equivalent of Esperanto, but I disagree!

Even though programming isn't always completely strict and even though different programmers have their own naming conventions you always have a compiler or interpreter in the end. No C-compiler with self respect would ever allow you to finish a sentence without a semi-colon and an XML-tag without any kind of ending just isn't acceptable! What human languages lack is a linguist-dictator in charge of compiling all sentences before accepting them to be utilized.

I might be wrong but I don't allow comments so good luck trying to argue with me on this one :)


I started out as a VBA developer while working for the government on a senior citizen dental insurance reform back in the middle of 2000. We were still using papers to look up what I recognized as being tabular data. Sheets up an down with information about what was covered by the insurance and what wasn't combined with costs etc etc. I also recognized that this data should at least be in Excel form and entered all the data in a couple of sheets. From there on I improved my sheets :).

I ended up with some 10-15K lines of VBA code in what is the most horrendous application I have ever written but it rocked. It calculated costs and gave me all the data I needed with minimum input and after that my work wasn't so hard anymore. Some of my colleagues encouraged me to move on and apply to some sort of development course or something and I did. Two and a half years later I was done and I had a couple of jobs during my studies both as PHP developer and as a software tester. The language used in the courses I took was C#, a language I hadn't played around with too much before but I really liked it.

Today I consider myself mainly a .NET developer with a PHP-fetish on the side. I like learning new languages as long as they are of the programmatic kind. JavaScript is the only language I've learned to hate and love at the same time. I've tested different bastardizations of it (Dart being the most interesting of them) but there still doesn't seem to be a cure for it, but I won't give up the search!