Morkalork Development

What is Morkalork Development?

Morkalork is pretty much just me, Magnus Ferm. I'm a software developer working with mobile apps, web and system development.

I don't really have any language of choice anymore, having been both an avid PHP-developer as well as a C#-zealot. Whatever floats the proverbial boat will do and if it means a chance to learn a new language, well, good news!

Apart from development I doodle and paint a lot and I'm doing tracker music available on Spotify (under the artist name Morkalork) and I've used both graphics and music in a couple of my released games.


I've been working with app development for a while for both Android, Windows Store apps and Tizen. While all have been horrible experiences, both development and store wise, I've learned to embrace javascript as development language for any platform rather then experiancing the horror of Android Java, the rules of UWP or the bizarr documentation of Tizen´s c-libs. Using Cordova for simple apps made things a lot more fun, even though I had to experience the respective stores (of which Google Play was a lot more forgiving than Windows Store and the less said about Tizen´s little store of horror the better).

Below is what I'm currently having out and about:


Since I work with web development most of the time I produce demos every once in a while. Some are relevant, some are not and I try to filter out the crap from here.


Such as right now, when I have no demos up :), but I have a bunch of stuff up on my GitHub account:


I draw and doodle all the time. Sometimes on pen and paper, other times with a stylus on my pad or with my mouse on gimp. It doesn't matter, doodling is life.

(None of these make sense, they don't have any particular meaning, I just doodle whatever so don't read anything in to it. I'm not sick.)


I have been writing music for a long time using both trackers and live recordings. What I have on Spotify is music I've written specifically for games I've developed.

I was mainly interested to know whether or not a normal person could get stuff easily (and free) up on there, and one could, it turned out :)